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2016 eh? What a year. Now is the time to pick a few favourites. There's only a single action picture in there and one goal remote, they're the day in and day out of what I do but I've tried to show a different side to football photography in this set. I wasn't planning on picking quite so many but I've enjoyed this year, and not just because Leicester City won the Premier League...
James Chester of West Brom scores the winning penalty in the shootout against Peterborough United in the FA Cup 4th round match.
[© Getty Images | 24-70mm 1000th f3.2 2500asa]
 01012016b 01012016A 01012016c
 Sergio Ramos, Laurent Koscielny, Greard Pique and Hugo Lloris shot for the launch of Nike's Tiempo boots. Bit of a cheat here as these were shot in 2015 but only released in 2016 so they qualify! These were really challenging shoots. Incredibly dark sets and very little time. I've never used studio lights at 4000asa before...
[© Nike | Main picture 24-70mm 160th f2.8 1600asa]
 Aaron Ramsey nearly takes the head off team mate Francis Coquelin & Leicester's Shinji Okazaki. Arsenal v Leicester.
[© Getty Images | 70-200mm 1250th f3.2 500asa] 
 Toni Duggan poses for the launch of the new England kit.
Salomon Rondon scores the winner as West Brom beat Manchester United in the league for the first time in 32 years.
[© Getty Images 24-70mm 1000th f3.5 800asa]
 I'd gone up into the stands at St James Park to do a couple of general views when Jamaal Lascelles scored to make it 1-0 against Swansea. Usually quite annoying when fans block the view but I didn't mind it on this occasion.
[© Getty Images | 70-200mm 2000th f4 320asa]
Meanwhile, back home in Leicester, the city was starting to believe... This chap had driven up from Milton Keynes to pay tribute on a wall behind an electrical shop. I found out from Facebook and drove straight down there.  
[24-70mm 500th f4 200asa]
After threatening to throw my toys out of the pram and when that didn't work, downright begging, the office asked me to cover the Premier League trophy presentation on behalf of the Premier League themselves. It meant having free reign to roam outside of the photographers pen and circumnavigate the TV camera for the big moment. It's still no guarantee you'll get a picture as you have to stand to the side but I was happy it worked out and I make no apologies for this being my favourite picture I've ever taken. I had a foot on the stage when it was lifted... they may as well have given me a winners medal. An unbelievable moment.
[© Getty Images | 24-70mm 1600th f3.5 800asa]
05102016 1
I'd spent a few months arranging access to the flats that overlook Upton Park and a late change in fixtures meant the last ever game before demolition would be under the lights against Manchester United. When I walked in to see the family in West Ham shirts and the match on TV it was like Christmas had come early. I spent a few moments in the flat and headed upstairs to the roof...
[© Getty Images |16-35mm 160th f4 1000asa]
05102016 2
This was an experience I'll never forget. A few dozen West Ham fans had sneaked up onto the roof by the end of the match and the 3-2 comeback victory by the Hammers had stirred everyone up. This fella jumped on the fence to sing 'Forever Blowing Bubbles' on the final whistle... actually might have been 'Who the f**k are Man Utd' come to think of it... anyway I ran over and didn't get many frames away at a 25th. Fortunately one held. That fence he's standing on was all there was between him and a fall to certain death, funny what beating Man Utd does to you...
[© Getty Images | 16mm 25th f8 2500asa]
Leicester celebrates winning the Premier League title. Taken from TKMaxx balcony. There were 250,000 people in the city that day. I probably should have gone to the big stage in Victoria Park where the majority had gathered but I wanted to see it go past the Clock Tower more.
[© Getty Images | 70-200mm 800th f4 400asa]
05212016 02
 Friends reunited. Sir Alex Ferguson catches up with referee Mark Clattenburg in the tunnel ahead of the FA Cup Final. Everyone is still putty in his hands!
[© The FA | 24-70mm 200th f3.2 1250asa]
05292016 2
England, shot for Nike.   
[© Nike |85mm 250h f9 200asa]
For some reason everytime I wondered into the stand this season someone scored. This time I got an alternative view of Marcus Rashford's first England goal.
[© The FA |16mm 640th f4 640asa]
06012016 002     06012016 3
 Cristiano Ronaldo, Anthony Martial and Joe Hart shot for Nike's Pro Genius campaign. Madrid, Paris and errr Blackburn. I shot quite a few of these in various locations to promote Nike's new brain training app.
[© Nike]
 England fans arrive in Marseille for England's first game of Euro 2016 against Russia.
 [© The FA | 24-70mm 1600th f4 500asa]
Jack Wilshere poses at England's HQ in France.
 [© The FA | 50mm 80th f2.8 200asa]
IMG 4223
 England eventually went out to Iceland. I don't have any decent pictures of that...
[© The FA | iPhone 3000th f2.2 25asa]
 Annoyingly Wales were having a great time. I hung around after England went out and shot them beating Belgium. Ashley Williams celebrated scoring his goal by running to the squad on the bench... *something about team spirit*
[© Getty Images | 400mm 1000th f2.8 1250asa]  
07072016 1
07072016 2
I absolutely love the stadium in Marseille. That roof... I made sure I had a 14mm to hand to keep as much of it in as possible. This was a great game. France beat Germany in the semi-finals, think they enjoyed it even more than me.  
[© Getty Images | 14-24mm 800th f3.5 1000asa]
07102016 1A 
Despite going off injured early on, the Euro 2016 final was all about one man. 
 [© Getty Images | 600mm 800th f4 3200asa]
The new England manager Sam Allardyce in his back garden. A brave new dawn...   
[© The FA | 24-70mm 200th f5 100asa]
08072016 3
Shooting Wembley in the mid-day sun is hard work. I got this picture of David de Gea from the Community Shield and not too much else. Great to see Leicester at Wembley though.
[© The FA | 70-200mm 8000th f3.5 250asa]
Manchester United celebrate beating Leicester City in the Community Shield. An offside goal from Ibrahimovic the difference.  
[© The FA | 24-70mm 1000th f3.5 500asa]
MR1 4541
MR1 3941      MR1 4607
The annual Premier League headshots can be a bit repetitive but this year we were asked to get some slightly more fun pictures.  
[© The Premier League | 70-200mm 250th f8 100asa]
Adam Smith walks out for Bournemouth in West Ham's first game Premier League game at the Olympic Stadium. Just realised I spent a lot of time with my 24-70 on the floor this year.
[© Getty Images | 24-70mm 2500th f5 320asa] 
Jose Mourinho, Manchester United manager surveys his new home. He came out and strutted around his penalty area before the Southampton game for just long enough to get this with my 24-70 below the floor this time...
[© Getty Images | 24-70mm 1600th f3.2 1250asa] 
The ghost of Adam Lallana celebrates with Gary Cahill after his last minute winner for England in Slovakia. 
[© The FA | 70-200mm 1000th f2.8 1250asa]
Christian Erikson of Spurs in the sun (and between someones legs). West Brom v Spurs.
[© Getty Images | 400mm 6400th f3.5 640asa)
No one likes to see Notts Forest score but their late equaliser at Villa gave me a chance to run over and dive down with my 24-70 on the floor (again).
[© Getty Images | 24-70mm 1600th f4 400asa]
Leicester's first ever game in the Champions League was away in Brugge. I took the time off and went over as a fan. I had intended on taking a proper camera with me but frankly by mid-afternoon I was in no fit state to use one.  
[© Getty Images | iPhone 3200th f2.2 25asa]
The new England manager Gareth Southgate in his back garden. A brave new dawn...  
[© The FA | 24-70mm 800th f3.2 1250asa]
Joe Hart in training for England.  
[© The FA | 400mm 5000th f3.2 100asa]
Raheem Sterling (I think) and John Stones prepare for a cold training session at St George's Park.
[© The FA | 70-200mm 320th f2.8 1600asa]
11112016 2
 [© The FA | 24-70mm 160th f11 160asa]
 Two team groups in a day. England pay their respects at the team hotel on Armistice Day and later that night prepare to beat Scotland at Wembley.
[© The FA | 70-200mm 800th f3.2 1250asa] 
A lot of people used to turn their noses up at Stoke's football. Jon Walters still does. One of those pictures you don't know you've got till you see it on the back of the camera. I was very close to deleting it to be honest.
[© Getty Images | 400mm 1250th f2.8 1600asa]
A surreal end to the year when the Leicester chairman protested a controversial ban for Jamie Vardy by printing 30,00 Jamie Vardy masks for everyone in the stadium. And if that wasn't enough, it's one of my headshots on the mask as well. Needless to say we lost 2-0 to Everton. Leicester City... not as good leaving 2016 as we were going in but its never ever dull.
[© Getty Images | 70-200mm 640th f2.8 640asa]